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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  January 6, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PST

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songbird of her time, whitney houston. >> i know there is reports that she maybe was drown or did she overdose but no, we won't make a final determination until all of the tests are are in. >> there was novicible signs of trauma. and foul play is not suspected at this time. >> there were no obvious signs of any criminal intent at this time. and it is currently being investigated by the beverly hills police detectives. >> if you scratch the surface it didn't teak you long to find out she was still that little girl from new jersey and she wore fame and she was wonderful in it but she was always that little girl from new jersey geraldo our focus tonight, ladies and gentlemen is whether that little girl from new jersey, the legendary 48-year-old pop sentencinger whitney houston really died of an accidental drug overdose or was she as some are now
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claiming murdered? as a former chicago police officer and now top hollywood private eye alleges. with us to discuss the shocking allegations of murder cover up and videotape former newark, new jersey mayor and friends of both whitney houston and her controversial former husband bobby brown mayor sharp james is with me here in new york. the well known former homicide detective rod wheeler joins us from washington, d.c. and mike walker of the "national enquirer" is on board from his base in south, florida. mike let me start with you. welcome to all you gentlemen. as you have written, mike, the private eye, this fellow what is his name paul -- no, peter. >> peter is claiming that whitney was murdered by two thugs working for a high powered east coast drug dealer sent to collect $1.5 million in drug money that whitney houston allegedly owed the masterminds. the two thugs were sent. what is the proof?
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is there really videotape of these two thugs entering whitney houston's suite at the beverly hilton hotel last february? >> well, he claims that he has that. he has give ten t given it to o look into. if the allegations are true it is sensational. any one looking at the aah top icy report who says there are no indications of possible foul play i think doesn't know how to read an autopsy report. lass rations and cuts. it looked like somebody had shoved her into the bath tub. and geraldo, the bath tub water six hours after she died was tested. the temperature was 93.5 degrees. six hours later. it must have been scalding hot and as you probably know there was a burn about 5 by three and a quarter inches on better back. scald burn, okay.
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she did not step into it willingly and the coroner sort of implicates she fell. you fall face forward at the beverly hilton hotel under one of the hard marble bath tubs you will sustain injuries not little scratches and cuts. it looks like defensive wounds and i don't know how anybody could overlook that. as far as the idea that drawing dealers came to collect money from her. if you you remember on your show in the 1990s when i made the sensational claim that we had proof that whitney houston was being threatened by her drug dealer with death because she wasn't paying for her drugs that was before anybody knew that whitney was taking drugs. all this was borne out because whitney admitted she had been taking drugs since 1992. when she died her yearly intake of drugs was $230,000 and there were numerous cases not just that we claimed of h her being approached by drug dealers and threatened with physical harm and death and in one case bobby
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brown was kidnapped. there was a whole book written about this incident. he was kidnapped by a gang called the preacher gang and they tied him up naked, beat him, tortured him, pointed guns at his head and then had him call whitney and say you better bring $400,000 or we are going to kill your boyfriend. >> rod wheeler, former well known homicide. dick, you tell is us, what do you think of the credibility of the allegations you heard so far? what is most fascinating to me. those hotels the beverly hilton hotel has surveillance cameras everywhere. is it even conceivable that the videos from that night have not yet been reviewed? >> i would be hard-pressed to believe, geraldo, that they have not been reviewed. let me say this as well. i know some of those detectives out there at the los angeles police department in the homicide unit and i can tell you they are top notch. these guys investigate homicides every day.
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they know exactly what they are looking for and i'm not discounting this private investigator's findings. and that is fine. and in any case and i think it is important, geraldo, that the viewers know this that in any case if a person has additional information bring that information forward and trust me the investigators will look at it. but based on the autopsy report and based on the evidence at the scene that the actual detectives saw that day it sounds to me like they were pretty much spot on in terms of their fin -- findings, geraldo. >> you knew them both. no question that bobby brown hung around with seedy characters and no question that whitney houston was deeply involved in drug use, was there? >> to the baptist church they was a superstar and performed as a super star and that is what we saw in the publix. public. she was one who we knew coming
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back with the movie "the body guard" "and the movie" sparkle "is another thing. she was rising back to the wonderful superstar that we knew, geraldo. we didn't know anything about that. the one question that people ask and even asked that today in the barber shop if you are superstar home alone maybe. but you if you are at a hotel alone they say where is the body guard. where is the loafer and the gopher, i will carry the suitcase. i will help. such a wonderful talent. home alone. maybe. hotel alone? there should be some people or some persons of security around such a is superstar and a great talent gerald. >> geraldo: isn't it the obvious weakness that there may have been foul play the fact that she did have a body guard and there was an entourage and the suite was occupied almost continuously was it not, mike walker? >> except for the 45 or 50
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minutes when the assistant stepped out and for some reason no one stayed with her. she was alone during that time. when the assistant came back she found her face down in the bath tub. it is kind of whacky that she didn't have some kind of body guard with her at all times. >> geraldo: so back to rod wheeler. accidental drowning with heart disease and chronic cocaine abuse and addiction complicating it plus she had sedatives. if, indeed, there are defensive wounds, rod wheeler you would admit that that does raise some questions that would seem to indicate the -- >> sure. >> geraldo: the righteousness of another look. another hard look at the forensics. >> absolutely. you're absolutely correct, geraldo. and trust me, that s why i said earlier i'm sure the investigators out there are going to take the new information and look at it. one thing that you really have to be careful of this and this
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comes strictly from me a person that investigated homicides for years, stipples can get confused defensive wounds on a -- sometimes you can get confused with defensive wounds versus the wounds a person sustains when they fall. you have to be careful about calling the wounds defensive wounds when they could be injuries as a result of a fall or as a result of dieing in a bath tub. that is very important in an investigation, geraldo. >> geraldo: mayor, do you want her to rest in peace or do you want answers to this question? >> i think people want her to rest in peace because of her greatness. she he lives on a year later you still want to touch her, see her here, such a great talent. if questions can be and they should be answered. it is a dual question. go on and investigate, but to east or are rang, newark, new hope and the world she was still our superstar. >> geraldo: thank you. i appreciate it. up next, folks, the most closely watched murder trial
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>> geraldo: a crime time in prime time alert. was it a fatal attraction or did an attractive arizona woman now facing the death penalty kill her boyfriend in self-defense? we report and you go? >> a friend of ours is dead in his bedroom. >> geraldo: monday, june 9, 2008. travis victor alexander 30 years old is murdered in his mesa, arizona home. >> he immediately i called the police. >> the victim of multiple stab wounds his body found lying in the shower. >> has he been threatened by any one recently? >> he has an ex-girlfriend that has been bothering him.
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>> and do you know the ex-girlfriend's name? jodi. >> geraldo: jodi arias. originally from northern california. >> travis alexander had the misfortune of meeting up with the defendant in las vegas, nevada 80s the mgm grand back in september of 2006. >> geraldo: travis and jodi date several months but trust issues lead to a breakup. >> a snoop. couldn't help herself. got ahold of his cellular telephone and she wanted to see what was in there and she found things there that she didn't like. at that point shepar they brea. june 29 of 2007. >> geraldo: despite the split, travis and jodi stay in contact and continue to have sex including on the day he died. the act photographed by the defendant. >> it is nothing that he nor i ever intended to be made public. >> geraldo: but the bedroom encounter isn't the only action filmed that day. if the search of his house
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following the murder police find camera shots of travis in the shower just minutes before he is killed. plus other photographs apparently taken accidentally. >> i didn't commit a murder. i didn't hurt travis. i would never hurt travis. >> geraldo: jodi claims innocence. even pointing the ficker at a former roommate. >> you might want to talk to a guy named thomas brown. and i don't think that honestly i haven't seen or heard from him since he was kicked out. >> geraldo: police find a bloody palm print that matches her and travis' dna. enough evidence to indict jodi on charges of first-degree murder. >> the evidence is very compelling but none of it proves that i committed a murder. none of it proves that i mated a crime. >> this week the trial began and her claim of innocence has taken a turn. >> jodi arias killed travis alexander. there is no question about it. the million dollars question is what would have forced her to
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do it. >> geraldo: the defense attorney says jodi was abused and controlled by travis whom she claims was a sexual deviate. >> on the outside looking in it appeared like they were involved in it a very loving and healthy relationship because in reality jod it i ws travis' dirty little secret. he would instantly degrade her, yell at her, embarrass her and humiliate her and on june 4 of 2008 it reached a point of no return. and sadly travis left jodi no other option but to defend herself. >> geraldo: but travis' family and friends say it was jodi that was the problem. >> she slashed h his tire several times. she had broken into his e-mail accounts and bank accounts and sneak in his house through the
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doggy door. >> prosecutors say she is a jealous girlfriend h seduced, stalked and ultimately killed travis when she found out he was seeing other women. >> she rewardd that by sticking a knife in his chest. with regard to being a good man, well, she slit his throat. >> geraldo: as she told inside edition, jodi's confidence borders on the obscene. >> no jury will convict me. >> why not? >> because i'm innocent. >> geraldo: no jury will convict her she says. dave s a friend of the victim travissal ex-ander and said in the very home where jodi arias stabbed travis to death. you warned travis about jodi. why? >> when we first met jodi there was something about her. it was almost like she had no soul. did not get along with the rest
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of the group of people that we all hung out with. >> geraldo: did she seem obsessive and jealous. you tell us why she sealed so different? >> definitely seemed jealous. travis was always very flirtatious. he had a lot of friends that were girls and any time he would be a little flirtatious with one of them jodi was always giving the evil eye and would pout and throw little temper tantrums and fits and he tried to go back and make her happy but nothing ever made her happy enough. >> geraldo: did you specifically warn travis about her? >> absolutely. >> geraldo: what did you you say? >> he was looking for someone that he wanted to mary and he made it very clear that jodi was a nice fling but she wasn't marriage material. she was and the wife. she wasn't a mother material for the children that he wanted to raise some day. and i told him look, if you are
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dating this girl and you know you don't want to mar marry hed don't want her to be the mother of your children the good girls that fit that description will pass you buy because they see you with her. you need to move on and find someone better. >> geraldo: arthur is here in the studio with me. i will ask arthur how jodi like casey anthony might beat
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this is not a case of who done it. the person who done it the person who committed the killing sits in court today.
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the defendant jodi arias. >> in that one minute had jodi not been forced to defend herself, none of us would be here. in that one minute had jodi not chose ton defend herself she would not be here. >> it seems like it shouldn't be that difficult for the prosecution to get a conviction in it the case. but we all know that that is not true because we go back and think about casey anthony and how everybody thought that was a slam dunk case and it wasn't and she got off. >> geraldo: before we get to the point whether she has a defense in the case. continuing our coverage of the jodi arias trial with dave hall who knew both the victim and the accused, dave, what did you think of jody's defense that she killed travis in self-defense? it was either him or her? >> yeah, the problem with that
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defense, geraldo, is there is a 25 caliber gunshot wound to my body's head and the same caliber gun that was reported stolen a week before his death from jodi's grandparents house. why did she hide it and bring it to the murder scene and use it on travis? also the knife. are are you going to tell me that she was there making love with a knife h h her hand? none of the story matches. when the first version didn't work and the second version didn't work if nothing else you go for the self-defense claim. >> geraldo: was he an emotional person and given to outbursts of rage? >> absolutely not, geraldo. even jodi's own accord says he was flirting with other women or dating other women. i'm good friends with some of the other women travis has
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dated in the past. why is there no history of any of these woman coming forward about travis' violent past? >> no history of a violent past and sexual history from these other women. saying travis was a complete gentleman to them and never treed to do things that they did not want to do. i think all of the sexual fantasies are are more in jodi's mind coming out than anything else. >> geraldo: counselor you spun miracles out of whole cloth before. >> and luckily, i tried this exact type of case and it was a young woman who was raped by her father and she killed him and i stood up in an opening statement and i told them that. the key was that particular defendant took the stand and looked all 12 jurors in the eyes and said i did it and this s why i did it and here are the scars that i have from what he did to me and he did it to my sister, too, and she testified
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to it as well. you need to have overwhelming evidence for this defense to succeed. it usually cannot just be on the words of the defendant. if it is only her words and nothing else corroborating that. 27 stab wounds. throat cut end to end. and a bullet wound to the head. that is a high -- that a s very high hurdle. >> geraldo: take it a different direction. the 27 stab wounds, the slit throat, the gunshot, doesn't that indicate a woman totally without of control, a woman who was insane? >> but they didn't argue that in their opening statement and i don't want to get too much into the law but you usually in every jurisdiction in the country you usually need to tell the judge and then tell the jury we are going with some sort of a psychiatric defense. mental disease or defect or else it was what we call heat of passion. got so freaked out that she lost her mind. that is not what they are
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arguing. they are arguing straight self-defense. 27 stab wounds? geraldo that is a tough self-defense. >> geraldo: is this a capital murder case? >> the next phase they are going to show how -- a lot of sympathy for her but this is arizona. in new york and california it may -- it would not be but in arizona or texas they are tough on their criminal justice system. there is already i think three women on death row. i think she would be the fourth. the crime scene photos in the case are gruesome. and this is a nice religious man who was whopped up into pieces. stole her grandfather's gun and hid it and filed a false report and then used it as a weapon. i could see her getting the death penalty. >> geraldo: why the rage, why the bizarre and i insane overkl in the case? >> geraldo, that is -- that is
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the $64,000 question. like i said, from day one there was something about her that was strange and today i know what it was. she is an evil person. she is not insane. she is evil. this is a woman that used her body as a weapon against my body because his weakness was he cared for her and let's face it they had some physical intimacy and she could use that against him to get back into his life. but as alleged that they were having sex. they weren't making love because you don't show up to make love with somebody with a knife and a gun. she plotted it. she showed up there knowing what she was going to do. she did what she did. and then took the weapons with her and discarded them. >> geraldo: i have to leave it there. england.
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i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "geraldo at large." >> oxycontin the same principle from heroin or made from the same stuff that heroin is made
2:29 am
from. what these people don't realize, they are under the misconception it is a same drug. >> a crime time in prime time alert. on wednesday in malibu, california, scott sterling the 32-year-old son of the other than of the l.a. clippers basketball team was found dead of a probable dead overdose. the latest affl affluent in the surge of the use of oxycontin and the cousin of oxycontin heroin. as craig reports today's junkies don't fit the same stereo types. >> i was addicted to them for awhile. >> i started smoking weed and led to xanax and percocets that led to oxycontin. >> jen lex and joe are typical teenagers with a dark past. their drug experiment went awry when they found themselves addicted to oxycontin an
2:30 am
openiate that took control of their lives. >> i tried to get clean several times. just recently in april like this past year i started using heroin. >> why did you start on heroin? >> because it was cheaper and i just didn't have enough money for the amount of pills i needed to get high. >> middle class suburban kids who stole pills from their parents medicine cabinets, pull verize the popular pain killer and snort it for an intense high. >> start up shooting it and you are hooked and it grabs ahold of you. >> 20,000 overdose deaths attributed to prescription dug abruise, oxycontin in particular. >> prescription drug abuse as many of you know is now the nation's fastest growing drug problem. >> -year-old david lafer burst into a medford long island pharmacy looking for pain killers have, in his desperation he shot four
2:31 am
victims to death execution style over 11,000 hydrocodone pills were missing following the shooting. when is sentenced to four consecutive life terms he asked recognition of prescription drug abuse and doctor shopping. >> they are desperate for it. we have crimes around pharmacies have gone through the roof over 7,000 crimes around pharmacies over the last few you years. >> seeing the oxy and the heroin and the guns. all combined. >> all combined in one. like i said, very unusual to go and our folks go out there and not come back with a gun and some kind of prescription drugs involved along with all of the other stuff, the traditional one. the heroin. now, this is getting to be a very serious problem. >> item, december 29. new york city. 27-year-old morgan gillman and her boyfriend 31-year-old aaron green were arrested when police uncovered explosives and papers in their greenwich apartment.
2:32 am
>> they had a sawed off 12 gage shotgun and over and under ruger shotgun and 60 shotgun shells. >> according to her facebook page glideman attended the dalton prep school and studied at nyu. green has a different pedigree. serving time for a 2005 assault conviction. he was arrested in february for possession of a semi automatic rifle, heroin and prescription drugs. to confront the illicit demands drug manufacturers changed the formula of oxycontin pills making them harder to abuse. >> so i tried the heroin and after that my life literally just like revolved around getting high off heroin and how i was going to get money. nothing matter ared but how i was going to get dope for the day and that is all that was important to me. >> you were a full-blown junkie
2:33 am
and there is a physical need you have to have dope in order to feel straight. >> absolutely a 21st is century heroin epidemic. the new jersey governor established a task force. >> bryan of day top new jersey is treating the addicted teens and many others. >> it seems from listening to the kids that oxycontin has created the new heroin hour. >> absolutely. absolutely. i mean oxycontin percocets any of your openiate prescription drugs nine times out of ten are leading to a full-blown heroin addict,. >> everybody that i snow hooked on heroin because it led from pills to heroin. they call my town the school of heroin high. >> they really call it heroin high, craig? >> exactly. these kids told me there are 13 and 14-year-olds using heroin
2:34 am
and a lot have hepc from sharing needles. this isn't restricted to teenagers. i talked to soccer moms who found themselves addicted. a doctor who practiced in my community for 30 years is going to trial in march. federal prosecutors say he was running a pill mill that brought up to $300,000 a month. and one of the people arrest ared was a retired cop, geraldo. >> geraldo: a college educated daughter and admits to being a former prescription drug addict. has come up with a great idea to keep users from doctor shopping. her name, molly magee. her charity is called rx verify. the idea, i guess, molly, welcome to the program to set is up a national database so people can't go from one drugstore to another to another. one doctor to another. how does it work? >> correct. what we have in this day and age is a national epidem mix.
2:35 am
a hundred people a day are dying from the prescription drug overdoses. rx verify charitable work is going to be able to allow americans our fellow americans who are not as fortunate as myself provide them with scholarships to be he able to be admitted to high end treatment centers. >> but how about the database? how does that work? >> the doctor shopping is feeding this addiction. rx verify is here to starve it. this particular organization when somebody goes into a pharmacy with a prescription for a class 2, 3 and 4 drug, they will be able to look up and see if this -- whether it be an addict or someone who is currently becoming addicted to the drug, it has been filled
2:36 am
too soon, or if they are abusing it. >> geraldo: too soon and too often. >> correct. >> didn't you have an oxy con ten case? >> she is right on. i'm representing a young man right now, who had a we'll be right back. it usually start is off innocently with a real injury and the hospitals and doctors can't wait to give you this pill because it does ease your pain. he gets addicted on it in brooklyn and his doctor does the right thing and limits him. he goes to staten island and that doctor doesn't know that the doctor in brooklyn gave him a prescription. and then he goes to a doctor in manhattan. what she is saying is exactly what we need. a uniform database. wait a minute, arthur went and got 60 pills in brooklyn you can't get 60 in staten island and 60 in the bronx. >> geraldo: how are you doing, melanie? >> today i'm doing fabulous. came up on two years of my
2:37 am
sobriety, okay. >> yeah. >> in my active addiction this tears apart families. friends. i was deteriorating. you know, everybody around me saw me deteriorating. i needed to make the change. you know, when somebody is hungry they are going to go out and feed their hunger. an addict when they want to go feed their addiction they are going to go do it and this is what s going on. and the doctor shopping is what is happening. and rx verify is here to starve it. we know it is not working or else i wouldn't be here today. the state agencies and federal government the their approach s not been effective. my approach is going to the dispenser's level. >> to the drugstores. >> correct. >> looks it up, hey, buddy this has already been filled. >> correct. >> i know it is a charity and do you you have somebody bank rolling the charity. you are not asking for donations? >> right now we are not
2:38 am
accepting public donations. we are working with a single philanthropist who is passionate just like myself. i'm hear to save lives. >> geraldo: good for you, molly. >> i was on my death bed and i'm here to spread the message. this awareness, this epidemic needs to stop and rx verify is the way to stop it. >> geraldo: welcome back. >> thank you so much. >> geraldo: i loved having you on the program. craig, thank you. arthur, thanks. up next, do i stay or do i leave the nra? after this it.
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shortly before 3:00 a.m. we responded to the 16,000 block of east ithaca on a call of shots fired. when officers arrived they he determined there was a male inside who we believe is armed and dangerous. in addition, we believe that there are three to four other people inside with him. >> geraldo: just four miles away and six months after the infamous batman movie massacre four died today, this saturday morning after a gunman barricaded himself and held off the s.w.a.t. team in aurora, colorado. meanwhile, the man charged in the original, the july movie massacre in aurora, colorado, james holmes goes to court monday for a preliminary hearing. sure toincident is shower fuel isl the gun control debate
2:42 am
since the newtown connecticut incident less than a month ago. here is my proposal. in terms of buying guns. i think all guns should be registered. they all have serial no.s and all should be registered on a national database. secondly, i think you need mandatory criminal and mental health background checks for all gun purchases. isn't that a no brainer? you need two references to adopt a cat at the aspca. include gun shows in the ma mandatory criminal and mental background check and mandatory reporting for all guns sold, destroyed, lost or stolen. part two. and near are the restrictions. i think that the military assault style rifles have to be banned. silencers have to be barned. why do you need sound suppressors? i think high capacity magazines have to be banned?
2:43 am
why do i have an asterisk next to those. i think the sanctioned gun clubs there should be an ex-isception for them and military and law enforcement related agencies also obviously there should be an exception for them. here to debate my proposals for gun control are larry pratt the firey executive director of the gun owners of america. larry, welcome back. and dan gross the president of of the brady campaign to prevent gun violence. larry, you first. will you accept any restrictions on the sale of weapons, larry? >> no chance, geraldo. you are not going to stop crime. all of your ideas were in effect in connecticut and didn't do any good. what we need to do is empower people rather than make it harder for the good guys to be able to protect themselves. we were dealing in it, connecticut, with a situation that was a gun-free zone. and it is so sad that over the last 20 years with all of the mass murders that have occurred they have taken place in gun
2:44 am
free zones. you would think that we would start to reconsider maybe a gun free zone doesn't work. >> geraldo: you don't want any restrictions on the weapons sold period? >> right, i think if somebody wants to buy a semi automatic with a large magazine that is a very good idea. the korean merchants that defended themselves in the watts riots. the people that defended themselves after katrina around new orleans. >> jamie: holmes. adam lanza. >> the problem was nobody else in those venues had a gun. they knew that they were going to a gun free zone. loveloughner was an exception. democrats don't believe in carrying guns. exceptions, of course. >> geraldo: your response? >> i mean listen columbine had
2:45 am
an armed security guard just like is being proposed. fort hood was loaded with guns and there was a terrible mass tragedy that occurred there. the bottom lien is we can't lose hope when people are escaped spousing what this gentleman is espousing. this is not the conversation that the overwhelming majority of reasonable americans want to have. we don't think the answer to violence is more violence. we don't think the answer to guns is more guns. they support crema criminal background checks and what you were talking about. when somebody says that they support no restriction whatsoever like background checks that the overwhelming, 92% of americans support criminal background checks. i think we all need to take heart in the fact that he is not speaking for us. not even speak for the members of the nra. >> geraldo: you are really suggesting that if someone for instance if they are on the no fly list because of alleged terrorist background if they have just been released from a mental institution you want
2:46 am
them to be able to buy guns those two categories for example? >> they have gun registration in canada. they have had since 1934. >> geraldo: is the answer yes, that you want the no fly guy and the mentally ill person? >> and they have never solved a crime in canada so now you are talking about putting people on a gun ban list where no due process has been followed. where somebody says he is a bad guy. if they let him out of the mental institution the presumption is he is safe to be on the street. if that presumption is not correct maybe they better keep him in the institution. >> geraldo: stand by. dan gross, you stand by. we will debate further and then i will make my decision on what to do about this baby. we'll be back, after this. don't go away.
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the arrived on time. the kids got off the bus and a lot were happy to see friends they hadn't seen in awhile. they are excited about the new school. >> the furniture from tase classrooms and the things that are familiar to them and the things that were up on the wall and the work they had done that was posted on the bulletin board boards have been brought over. the school is set up differently but they will be comfortable seeing their desk with their name on it. >> as the survivors of the elementary school massacre head become to school, a different school, by the way, i don't think the old school should ever be reoccupied. i think that as a memorial for the children who were slain and the teacher and teachers and the principal they should level that and make it a memorial lawn, maybe a statue or something to remember the children. they should never try to reoccupy that. in new jersey one town in new jersey has become the first in the nation to announce that they will have armed security
2:50 am
at all schools. in that context we are are debating gun control with larry pratt the executive director of the gun owners of america and dan gross the president of the brady campaign against armed violence. i want to it put back up my suggestions for what the president and the vice president who is leading the effort should be working for in my opinion. i think all weapons should be registered. all cars are registered. why not all weapons registered? i think there should be mandatory criminal and mental health background checks for all gun purchases including those at gun shows. mandatory reporting for all guns sold, detroyed, lost or stolen. on the banned side i think the military assault rifles should be banned and silencers banned and high capacity magazines banned except for gun clubs which are sanctioned and obviously the
2:51 am
a barrel shroud that prevents a barrel from getting excessively hot and grip it it and spray fire into a crowd. that's the conversation the american public wants to have and every time somebody like larry pratt talks, i need to
2:52 am
remind the american public not to lose hope. this guy is speaking for a small percentage of extremists out there. >> i'm not sure about the percentage, but larry-- >> most americans believe in self-defense and happy with a firearm. >> i don't understand why people need multiple assault style weapons. >> they're flying off the shelves. >> they have semi automatics, they can fire four shots in one second. >> they are flying off the shelves and you can't find an ar-15. the american people are voting with their dollars. >> what are they afraid of? why are they buying these weapons? >> the government that gave us fast and furious obviously has problems morally. we're to trust them to defend us with their judgment on who to put on a no-fly list when they supplied firearms to the mexican cartel, we know at least 400 people have been
2:53 am
murdered directly linked to a u.s. federal government program? i think the idea that we trust them with a good judgment is a big, serious mistake. they have not earned it. >> let's go back to the basic question he wouldn't answer before, could you support background checks on gun sales to prevent the mentally, the seriously mentally ill, dangerously mentally ill people, criminals, domestic abusers from purchasing gun? it's a question they won't answer. this is not about any one reclation, this is about an an extremist agenda wants to prevent any measure no matter how demonstrably it will save human lives. >> you are opposed to due process. we ought to have a trial and evidentiary proceedings and
2:54 am
adversarial he procedure available, if we're going to deprive someone of a constitutional right. >> it's not a constitutional right, do you support background checks on-- >> the second amendment is a constitutional right. >> i know it's a constitutional right. do you support background check? >> if you have people in a data base convicted of crimes. >> yep. >> violent crimes, whether they were nuts or not. of course. >> so you would support background checks on 100% of gun sales. >> not 100% of course not, of course not. >> that says it all. >> tell me again-- my fellow n.r.a. member, tell me again do they support your point of view, larry's point of view or where do they fall. >> it's in the 74% of n.r.a. members support criminal background checks. >> my wife wants me to quit and tear up this card right
2:55 am
now. what do you suggest i do? >> you might be surprised, i suggest you don't, you help them demonstrate. you're a powerful demonstration, what the average american and n.r.a. member sports and believes and i think you have an opportunity to show the average american we're parents, we're mothers, fathers, decent law abiding citizens you like to hunt and shoot recreationally, you don't wan like what high pressured pressured-- happened in newtown. and you're going to stay with me. thanks for advice. i hope you'll let your elected officials know you support sensible gun control. thanks very much for watching.
2:56 am
2:57 am
>> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, january 6th, i'm alisyn camerota. thanks for joining us bright and early.
2:58 am
new details that the white house plans much broader gun control. and reinstating. >> clayton: ban that guy. >> alisyn: an assault rifle ban. we are going to dive into the details and find out who is roaming around our studio. >> they couldn't agree on a budget until we almost fell off the fiscal cliff. and here is one. welcome it regulation nation. >> clayton: plus the governator is back this time wielding a tank. that's arnold schwarzenegger right there behind the wheel. those video, how he drives down the california highways. "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ >> good morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us, great to have tucker with us. >> tucker: good morning, any
2:59 am
day that begins with tank video is going to be a good day. >> clayton: or a random person walking through the studio. unidentified silhouetted soul. and some of the other shows you've been on before. >> tucker: the homeless problem in new york is particularly acute. camping out in the studio. >> clayton: it is warm in here. >> alisyn: let's talk about our top story, and that is that fox news has been able to confirm a few details, very important details about what that task force that joe biden is heading up, is up to. the one about gun control and how to move forward after the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. sounds like a much broader plan than simply reinstating the assault rifle ban. you say broad and of course these are the early stages and here are some of the plans, some of the points of the plan. >> universal background checks for firearm buyers, track the the move in sale for a national data base and


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